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Mayo Oil Boiler Service provides clients all over the greater Mayo area with professional and affordable oil boiler: 096 92449

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Our professional tradesman has over 22 years of experience in repairing all kinds of oil boilers.
Unlike other maintenance companies, our service doesn’t stop at the boiler; we inspect both the boiler and the oil tank to ensure the integrity of the tank and the smooth running of the boiler. We can then advise clients on the appropriate course of action if we identify any issues that may cause problems later.

If you need your oil boiler inspected, get in contact with Mayo Oil Boiler Service today.


For clients all over Mayo, we provide a professional oil boiler servicing and a maintenance call-out service.
This service can identify any future issue that may arise with a boiler, saving clients the expense of repairs in the future. Our servicing procedures also ensure that your boiler is operating at optimum efficiency. 

Our comprehensive service procedure includes:

  • Checks For Water Inside the Pump

  • Ensures Boiler Flues are Properly Installed

  • Checks For Stress and/or Discolouration of Oil Tank


We analysis the CO2 levels in your property to ensure the safety of your indoor boiler, by providing a print-out assessment of the O2 levels.
We can also install tiger loops which eliminate the need for a boiler to be bled.

For more information on our oil boiler serving procedures, get in contact with Mayo Oil Boiler Service today.

Oil Boiler Repairs

We provide clients all over Mayo with professional Oil Boiler repairs.
We offer clients value for money by always repairing boilers when possible instead of replacing them. Our professional tradesmen has the expertise to deal with all kinds of common oil boiler complaints.
Along with offering clients, fast and reliable repairs, we also offer peace of mind. In cases where an oil oiler has tripped. After we restart and repair the problem, we wait for a period of time to ensure that the boiler is working properly, and the problem doesn’t reoccur.
We also stock replacement parts for all oil boiler models in our van, so in cases where a part replacement is necessary, we can replace it there and then.


If your oil boiler has broken down, get in contact with Mayo Oil Boiler Service today.


We stock a wide selection of oil boiler replacement parts that are suitable for all makes and models. In cases where your oil boiler needs to be completely replaced, we can advise on the right boiler for your property's requirements. We also install all necessary ventilation systems for indoor oil boilers.
These extraction fans are vital for removing and reducing excessive CO2.

For more information on our replacement services, get in contact with Mayo Oil Boiler Service today.

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